Smoke Your Aspire Electronic Cigarette On a Plane

Because of laws that ban smoking in public areas, getting your fix of nicotine wherever you are can be difficult. With the new technology of electronic cigarettes, however, this is no longer a problem. Whether it be at work, in bars or restaurants or even at gas stations, the electronic cigarette can be smoked anywhere and at any time.

Perhaps the most interesting fact about the electronic cigarette is that it can be smoked on airplanes too. For years passengers on planes have been limited while traveling, having to endure long flights for hours at a time while they crave a cigarette. But with the revolutionary technology of the electronic cigarette, travel has been made easier and more enjoyable.

The laws that ban smoking in public areas (including airplanes) are very specific in that they only target the smoking of tobacco products. The electronic cigarette does not contain any tobacco whatsoever, and only dispenses the liquid nicotine in the form of water vapor. An example of this is the Aspire E Cig. Additionally, since the electronic cigarette is not actually burning anything when you inhale it, no smoke is produced and therefore, smoking it will not set off a smoke alarm or produce the odor of traditional cigarettes. This clever design allows for an inconspicuous smoking experience that is perfectly legal on airplanes.

How to Smoke Your E-Cig on a Plane

It is important to note that because this technology is so new, many people do not know what the electronic cigarette is and using one on an airplane will probably attract some unwanted attention.

Here are some tips for using your electronic cigarette up in the air:

  • Let the flight attendant know how your electronic cigarette is different from traditional cigarettes. Asking for permission before using it will prevent an altercation with the flight staff or other passengers.
  • Hold the electronic cigarette by its tip. By covering up the indicator light on the end you will draw less attention to yourself. Also, holding the electronic cigarette in this unusual way will prevent other passengers from assuming that you are smoking.
  • Refer to it as a nicotine-inhaling device instead of a cigarette. By avoiding the word cigarette, you will probably have more luck getting permission from the flight staff.
  • Finally, when all else fails to take your electronic cigarette to the lavatory. It may not be the most pleasant place to smoke, but you will definitely avoid the unwanted attention. Remember that the electronic cigarette does not produce smoke so it will not set off the bathroom smoke alarm.

Until the electronic cigarette becomes more mainstream, people who use it will have to face curious looks and annoying inquiries from bystanders anytime they smoke indoors or in places where smoking is banned. The tips above will help you get by anywhere where you may face unwanted attention while smoking, not just on airplanes. One day electronic cigarettes will be widely understood and tolerated.

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